Take 40 Q&A med Adam Lambert!

Take 40 Q&A med Adam Lambert da han var i Australia!

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Adam's Twitter Party!

Her er det utskrift av Adam's Twitter Party noen timer siden! Han lå nemlig naken i sengen...og twittra fansene! haha!

Her er bildet han postet før spørrerunden!

Spørsmål og svarene!

  • Melanie @GLAMBERTROSE: were supposed to have a song called 'making love' on Trespassing?

Adam: according to who? There was never a song called that...no I wasn't. Who said? Lol


  • the bad wolf @badwolfyy: wake Saulí up so you don't have to be awake alone lol

Adam: your evil. He's sleeping like an angel.


  • Monica もふ公爵 @DukeHarebert: pls get head and neck massage!! I'll send you some kirakira goldr spen light to you.

Adam: oh ill get head.


  • @Shelltwitt86: Interesting!!!!! Any advice for those going to Burning Man?

Adam: bring lots of water. Lip salve. Extra brain juice. (5htp) coconut water.


  • pialoveadam @pialoveadam: pls let us know if u will be a judge in AI. Can't take it anymore:(

Adam: I knoooow! I'm waiting too. It's stressing me out girl!


  • @adamlambert still tongue dive?? ;) maybe 3rd time a charm for me;) ♥

Adam: @darcnelson not now doll, I ain't single anymore.


  • Monica @Glambert_Lady25: Have U ever watched Queer As Folk ? :D

Adam: yeah I used to jerk off to it. (UK version)


  • Valery ツ @lerunchick @adamlambert did you see the final episode of True Blood? Do you like it?

Adam: caught up all day today. Love TrueBlood.


  • LILLIPOP :P@--- @lilybop2010: A recent WWFM w/ keys, symbols reminded me of Queen. Was that the intention? It's gorgeous.

Adam: naw. U were prob just projecting.


  • Jennifer @JennyRunsToo @adamlambert What do you look forward to doing them most now that you are home?

Adam: eating healthy veganish food and de-puffing


  • @arwa_buraik What is that avi!!? Lol some of y'all are so cray.. Lol as if there was some big love triangle conspiracy. God how exciting !


  • Lidia Ratliff Koala @Liduteczek @adamlambert what it feels like to sing with queen?

Adam: royal


  • Olya Lambert @DREAMaboutADAM @adamlambert when will be your single? you promised it and forgot!!! :(

Adam: oh Olya- I didn't forget. I just can't say yet. For promotional strategic reasons. Trust a bitch!


  • Roxy ☮ @RoxyHatesYou @adamlambert what's the last movie you watched?

Adam: saw Snow White and the Huntsmen on the plane. Really awesome production design and visual fx! Gorgeous.


  • SleepwalkerAries @SleepwalkrAries @adamlambert If you were running through a tall-grass prairie, what color would you wear to capture the mood?

Adam: purple. Lol


  • Steph. @Meandmyradio @adamlambert top or bottom??? ;-D

Adam: top


  • kinkykiedis @kinkykiedis @adamlambert Are you excited for Saturdays show? It seemed a little last minute, was it?

Adam: @kinkykiedis It's not a full show. It's a club appearance. Its a big gay dance party. I'm performing to get a better look at the guys. Lol


  • lili Black @liliyGlambert9 @adamlambert What Do you think about @NICKIMINAJ ?

Adam: i think she's a good entertainer. Skilled rapper. Wig expert. ;)


  • Bren @crazyforadam @adamlambert Would LOVE for u to perform w/ Rhianna.. that way Me AND Hubby would be satisfied!

Adam: just give me the time and place. Lol


  • @adamlambert see what Ambien does? Try melatonin! Natural (of course I have to take like 10Mg)

Adam: I took some earlier. This ain't my first rodeo mama


  • Sveta @svetapeabody @adamlambert who's you favorite designer?å :D

Adam: Gareth Pugh makes me happy


Adam Lambert @adamlambert Goodnight beautiful Glamberts. Try and be your most authentic, honest self today.


  • L!SU @xLisek @adamlambert your version of 'is this love' is amazing! Have you ever recorded or written any other reagge songs? I want to hear it! ;)

Adam: @xLisek check out "By the Rules" bonus international cut from Trespassing. It goes there. 


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Er du en av de han svarte? 


Adam Lambert Q&A hos Amazon Mp3 Offices!

Videoer fra Adam da han var hos Amazon Mp3 Offices den 23.Mars! 

Del 1 , 2 og 3! Det er ikke sånn kjempegod kvalitet men man ser og hører godt da! Bedre videoer kommer om de blir tilgengelige!

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Video:Adam Lambert svarer spørsmål fra fansene!

Video fra i går 23.Mars av Adam Lambert hos KISS FM! Her svarer han spørsmålene fra fansene!

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Adam svarer twitter spørsmål fra fansene!

Liten video der Cara spør Adam Lambert twitter spørsmålene fra fansene! 

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Video: Q&A Med Adam Lambert hos The River!

Her er endelig videoene av Adam Lambert som svarer spørsmål nå fikset! Dette er fra den 9.Mars hos The River 107.5!

Har ikke postet dem tidligere fordi jeg ville dere skulle se hele! :)

Hele del 1 med spørsmål og svar!

Hele del 2 med spørsmål og svar!

Hva synes du om videoene? Fikk du vite noe du ikke visste?


Adam Lambert Q&A hos HOT 99.5!

Video fra i går 12.Mars hos HOT 99.5 i Washington DC! Dette er video av fansene som stiller spørsmål og Adam Lambert svarer! Herregud han er så søt!

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Adam svarte spørsmål på Facebook!

Adam Lambert svarte spørsmal gjennom facebook siden til Radio Stasjonen Hot 99.5,der han hadde Live Chat med fansen!

Dette er fra ca 1 time siden nå!

Og her er spørsmålene med svarene hans!


(Adam er HOT 99.5 brukeren)

When is Maypril?

- 'HOT 99.5 between april and may'

Loving the new songs so far, esp. Chokehold. Have you made a decision about next single?

- 'HOT 99.5 not yet'

Sleep on your side, stomach, or back?

- 'HOT 99.5 my back mostly'

Hi Adam. How long do you need to learn the lyrics of a new songs and is it difficult for you to remember them after you wrote a new song ?

- 'HOT 99.5 Ive been living and obsessing over these songs for so long that i know the lyrics like the back of my hand'

Who's washing the juicer, Adam?

- 'HOT 99.5 we trade off :)'

I know you're an astrology buff ..how many, if any, of your decisions are based on astrological charts or things like mercury retrograde, etc.: (myhoope)

- 'HOT 99.5 Im not into it that much... I enjoy astrology in relation to people's character traits'

From where you took inspiration to write Cuckoo? It's so crazy!

- 'HOT 99.5 from my own crazy'

What's your least favorite color?

- 'HOT 99.5 not into pink'

Do you have any favourite finnish singer or band? :)

- 'HOT 99.5 I remember liking The Rasmus when i was living in Germany years ago'

HI, A! Just curious about the new song from Cobalt--the one with "911" in the lyrics--which one is that? LOVE all the new songs so far. I can see why it's difficult to choose the second single!

- 'HOT 99.5 thats NAKED LOVE :)'

Moi! Who did you Co-write Cuckoo with? greetings from Helsinki! 

- 'HOT 99.5 co-wrote Cuckoo with Bonnie McKee and Oligee and Josh Abraham'

Hi Adam. What's your favorite kind of chewing gum?

- 'HOT 99.5 anything blue. i hate green gum...'

Does the juice taste good or do you just drink it because of the health benefits?

- 'HOT 99.5 sorta an aquired taste...'

ADAM: Can you please share a line from "Broken English" with me? - Kathryn17

- 'HOT 99.5 "Tower of Babel has fallen down again. Information disarray...."'

Adam- How do you respond to your haters? What do you do when you're feeling down and need a pick-me-up? Oh, and if this would encourage you to answer my question, i think you're awesome(: haha

- 'HOT 99.5 I think in most cases, the best response is the silent treatment...'

Have you ever considered writing a book? :)

- 'HOT 99.5 could i sing it?'

Have you ever got inspiration in ordinary situations or places (during shopping, jogging etc.)? What do u do in these situations? Do you try to memorize them or prefer write/record them? 

- 'HOT 99.5 I ALWAYS get ideas while on the treadmill... must be the bloodflow'

Heyy Adam (: Ancient place you want to travel to? 

- 'HOT 99.5 Egypt'

Dette var da spørsmålsrunden hans da!

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Adam Lambert

Er en 31år gammel amerikansk sanger som var med i sesong 8 av American Idol i 2009 som han kom på andre plass,men han har hatt stor suksess siden! Hans debut album "For Your Entertainment" ble #3 på Billboard Album Charts,hans første verdens turne "Glam Nation Tour" ble utsolgt i 2010 verden rundt,og i 2012 debuterte han som #1 på Billboard med album #2 "Trespassing"