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Fan historie om mte med Adam Lambert!

Her er det historien til ei fan som mtte Adam Lambert den 28.Mars i San Francisco! Her forteller hun hvordan det var og mte han!

My Adam adventure...

My adventure began when @lesbogasms had an extra ticket.(thank you mandy!) I was so happy to go with her I almost cried. I found out Monday, I think. We met up at 5 am on weds and began our road trip. We got up to San Fran at about noon and made our way to the venue. NO ONE ELSE WAS THERE! We were shocked. People finally started to show at around 3 pm. Waited till 5:30 when we were finally let in. Mandy and I were the first ones inside (after a few VIP) and we got FRONT AND CENTER! I mean 3 feet from Adam. Hyperventillating, commence! There were appetisers and a bar so I had a Vanilla vodka and 7-up. Then HE comes out! He's his gorgeous, funny, charming self. FOCUS!! I had to keep telling myself to focus! I was able to bring in my big, new camera, so I started taking pix. He looked so good! And Tommy is as cute as ever! So there's a Q&A sesh, he answers, and sings! First BTIKM, then Never Close our Eyes and finally Cuckoo. SO GREAT!! After the set, I asked him (while he was still on stage) if he would sign my wrist so I could get it tatted. He said, sure, when you come get your pic. SQUEEE! I was SO excited! OK, I go to get the pic, sharpie in hand, and this VERY MEAN, rude woman tells me NO AUTOGRAPHS! I said, but HE told me he would. She says, IDK! No autographs. OK, whatever. I ask her if I can give him this envelope, I said, it's not for a signature, its for HIM! He tells me to hand it to her (it's a thank you card with my poem dedicated to him inside)I get next to him and get my pic taken. I'm happy with my pic. Good enough, right? Well, by now, I figured I am NOT getting a signature, but I was still happy, SO happy! I was sending a text, probably a tweet, and I see him running past me, going backstage and I figured he was leaving. NOPE! He was looking FOR ME! He motions to me, with his finger, like "co'mere" he says, "you have a pen? OMG! I'm dying! YES I have a pen. He tells me, "stay on that side, so SHE doesn't get mad (I felt like we were doing something wrong! Sneaking around or something! LOL) Anyways, he puts my arm against the wall, and he signs his name EVER SO SLOWLY, making it super nice! He tells me he likes my Eye of Horus. I tell him how much this means to me and how much I love him and how HUGE of a fan I am, he says, "awww, thank you!" I am ready to pass out! But I managed to ask him if I could get a hug. He opens his arms, and HUGS ME AGAIN! Oh GOD! I thanked him again, and got Mandy (Who was talking to Tommy) and we left. I walked out saying "Oh my god, oh my god, Oh my GOD!" the whole way out! UNREAL!! What an experience! I met Adam and now have his signature tattooed on me forever! Cool huh?? I will never forget March 28, 2012!! EVER! yay!

Her er signaturen hans under "Eye Of Horus" tatoveringen hennes (som Adam Lambert og har p samme armen)p armen hennes som hun skal tatovere over!

Bilde av Sandi med Adam Lambert! Kjempeste er dem! Awwwh♥

Om du ikke skulle skjnne historien s si ifra s kan jeg oversette den til norsk!
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Adam Lambert

Er en 31r gammel amerikansk sanger som var med i sesong 8 av American Idol i 2009 som han kom p andre plass,men han har hatt stor suksess siden! Hans debut album "For Your Entertainment" ble #3 p Billboard Album Charts,hans frste verdens turne "Glam Nation Tour" ble utsolgt i 2010 verden rundt,og i 2012 debuterte han som #1 p Billboard med album #2 "Trespassing"