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Check out our handy alphabetised guide to the sexy singer, Adam Lambert.
If you?re an Adam fan then you?ll know how wonderful he is, but if you?re not already a member of the Glamily then allow us to provide you with 26 facts that will have you loving the Lambert in no time.

A - American Idol

We're not going to say that without American Idol we wouldn't know who Adam was, because a star who shines as brightly as the lovely Mr Lambert will always get noticed. It is worth mentioning the TV talent show though, because it thrust Adam into stardom and if we?re being honest, he's one of the most talented contestants we've ever seen on American Idol.

B - Better Than I Know Myself

Better Than I Know Myself is the first single from Adam's second album, Tresspassing. What can we say? It's brilliant.

C - Charity

Adam has raised a huge amount of money for good causes. For example, on for his 29th birthday, Adam asked fans to donate to a charity which aims to get clean water to those who need it. The goal of $290,000 was met , and then passed with $323,801 being raise from this campaign alone.

D - Down The Rabbit Hole

One of our favourite Adam tracks.

E - Entertainer

Adam isn't just a singer, he's a true entertainer. His vocals are incredible, but that doesn't mean Adam relies on them. He dresses his best and he puts on one hell of a show.

F - For Your Entertainment

For Your Entertainment was Adam's first single, and it was also the title of his first album.

G - Glamberts

Adam has the talent, but it's his fans who truly seal the deal on his success, supporting him in everything he does, sometimes going above and beyond the call of duty.

H - Hair

Adam's hair is a canvas, he's done some amazing things with it and he frequently tops "best hair style" polls.

I - Influences

Adam takes musical influence from a wide range of artists, which is probably what makes his music so versatile. Freddie Mercury, David Bowie and Robert Plant to name a few.

J - January

Adam Mitchel Lambert was born January 29, 1982.

K - Kissing

Adam's mouth has got him in trouble over the years, not because of what he says, but because of who he kisses. Adam kicked off his career with criticism after he puckered up and locked lips with a male member of his band during his performance at the AMAs, some people are still going on about it.

L - Love

The lovely Mr Lambert is currently loved up with Finnish reality TV personality Sauli Koskinen. They make one hell of a handsome couple!

M -Moves

Adam Lambert is one hell of a mover. There's something seriously sexy about the shapes he makes on stage during his performances.

N - Nominations

Adam has been nominated for so many awards it would take ages to list them all, so we'll just mention he fact he was nominated for a Grammy for his beautiful ballad Whataya Want From Me.

O - Outlaws Of Love

Outlaws Of Love is one of Adam's exciting new tracks!

P - Philanthropy

Adam isn't just a talented entertainer, he's also a beautiful person. We've already mentioned his charity work, but that's not all Adam does. Adam, who is openly gay, has contributed hugely to the advancement of social acceptance towards LGBT people.

Q - Queen

Freddie Mercury's shoes are pretty big ones to fill, so if anyone was going to sing along side his Queen bandmates, it would need to be someone pretty special. Step up Adam Lambert, who performed with the legendary rockers at the MTV EMAs and blew everyone away.

R - Rolling Stone

After months of public speculation about his sexuality, Adam came out to the world in an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine.

S - Sexy

Adam Lambert is one sexy individual. He?s topped several sexiest male lists, including our sexy list, this year.

T - Tongue Diving

We should probably mention Adam's new album, Trespassing, for T? but his tongue diving antics mean a lot to us. It's corny, but it was when we published our first article about Adam that we made friends with so many wonderful Glamberts, you opened our eyes to a wonderful man and we've been flying the Lambert flag ever since.

U - Unplugged

If you stripped most artists of their fancy production and their fancy stage shows you'd be left with a pretty boring show,but not with Adam Lambert. You would think with Adam putting on such spectacular shows that stripping down to not much more than his voice wouldn't be that great, you'd be wrong. Adam blew everyone away with his VH1′s Unplugged performance.

V - Vocals

See U. Adam has one of those voices that gives you goosebumps and makes you shiver.

W - Whataya Want From Me

Adam's Grammy nominated single, and probably our favourite Adam song.

X - X-Rated

Adam is often criticise for his sexy performances, but what does it matter to other people? The fans love it when Adam smooches dudes on stage, or when he smooches fans in the audience (yes please!) , and that's all that matters.

Y - Youtube

Adam Lambert has had some many hits on his videos on Youtube. For Your Entrainment has had over 14 million hits on Adam's Vevo , that's just one video. Better Than I Know Myself has had over 5 million, Whataya Want From Me has had over 28 million, Overall, Adam's Vevo has had over 87 million hits. You get it, he's popular.

Z - Zebra Trousers

And finally, we were worried we might not be able to think of anything for Z but the Glamberts came to our aid. Adam is one stylish dude. Whether he's dressing up with leather and glitter or toning down his look and keeping it casual, he always looks amazing. The Zebra pants he wore on the Jay Leno show even have their own Facebook page!

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14.04.2012 kl.10:28

Kjmepbra, er eniiig! <3

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Adam Lambert

Er en 31r gammel amerikansk sanger som var med i sesong 8 av American Idol i 2009 som han kom p andre plass,men han har hatt stor suksess siden! Hans debut album "For Your Entertainment" ble #3 p Billboard Album Charts,hans frste verdens turne "Glam Nation Tour" ble utsolgt i 2010 verden rundt,og i 2012 debuterte han som #1 p Billboard med album #2 "Trespassing"




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