Rørende historie av Adam Lambert med ei fan!

Denne historien er fra 2010,da Adam Lambert var på Boston's sykehus for og besøke syke barn som er fans! Denne historien er så rørende! Adam har virkelig et stort hjerte! ♥

Det er postet hos AdamOfficial.com !

Adam stops at Boston's Children's Hospital and visits a little glambert

and other patients there. I don't know if this was posted or not....it happened during the GNT when Adam was "between concerts in Concord, Nh, RI, Cape Cod and Hampton Beach" (thanks @asiladam). If it has been posted I missed it. The little girl's Aunt, Sonia Bennett, just posted this on Adam's FB 5 hours ago, so I thought I would share it.

with these additional posts from her to Adam..it obviously greatly impacted her and her niece.

Her er historien!

Adam I want to THANK YOU so much for what you did for my niece Jasmine and the children at Boston Childrens Hospital. You showed up there when you were doing a concert in Manchester Nh. I want to share with you what your visit did!

When you arrived in my nieces room she screamed to the top of her lungs and so did I..chuckle. You spent qualitity time with her and made her feel extremely special! No one else existed. We will never forget that moment and day. We almost lost her a few days after. You know what her fighting words were! Get ready for this! "Well Adam said that one day I will be able to ride the bus he uses" I just want to let you know she holds you up to that...chuckle

Lets say she was on Cloud 9 - 10 -11 etc for months! I went to the parents rooms and one of the parents was in there in tears. I asked her if she saw you. This is what she said. "Yes we did!" " Did you know my son gave up on life and treatments and eating until today"

Her 9 year old son asked for some pizza! You believe that! I saw him for weeks after wandering to the teen room from his room! Completely different boy.

So Adam I am saying this. When someone takes the time to make someone feel so special and takes that time out of their busy schedule, you never know what effect your visit did until someone tells you. We THANK YOU!

One day soon when you come near again I will take Jasmine to see you in concert! I tell all my customers at my workplace,'Do you know what Adam Lambert did for my niece" whenever your songs come on the radio. I share the story because everyone needs to know...smiles

Historien er fantastisk! Det er utrolig at en artist kan påvirke en person på denne måten! Vi håper at det går bra med disse fantastiske fansene!

Hva synes du om historien? Skriv gjerne din mening!


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