6 nye sangtitler på TRESPASSING!

Byron Cooke skrev dette på bloggen sin i går! Han har hørt 6 sanger av albumet til Adam Lambert og her er det en deskripsjon av sangene!

P.S ett video intervju av Adam Lambert med Byron Cooke er på vei snart! 

I've just come out of an exclusive Adam Lambert listening session in Los Angeles and can reveal track titles & details on not 1, not 2.but SIX brand new Adam Lambert tracks from his forthcoming new album "Trespassing" in-stores March 20th.

A HUGE thanks to Adam & his team [JoAnn & Leah] for giving me the opportunity to listen to some ROUGH mixes of the tracks. This stuff is so hot it?s not even finished! The guys are ok with me sharing some info with you, so here goes!

1 ] TRESPASSING : The title track [written by Adam & Pharrell Williams] is BANGIN! Really feelin that "We Will Rock You" inspired opening rhythm, the bass lines got an "Another One Bites The Dust" feel to it and theres a really cool guitar hook. Best line has gotta be "Wait till ya get a load of me". Theres a breakdown part near the end just straight Adam vox and drums..no bass. Sick.

2] COOKOO : Ollie Gee, Bonnie McGee & Adam co wrote this. Bonnies previous credits include several Katy Perry hits. Cookoo is another one for the hit list! Wont give too much away on this one! Wait till ya hear it! Definately a party jam.

An anthemic, slower tempo track co written with Adam by Lester Mendez [Enrique, Shakira, Nelly Furtado, Dido]. A beautiful love song which might just possibly be autobiographical. "I know you will understand I gotta tell you somehow". Like say you had a partner whos 1st language wasnt English,you might encounter this situation! Quite haunting in parts & some fat beats ..an amazing song.

4] UNDERNEATH : Another track from Adam's "darker side" and definately one of the stand outs. Its stripped back basically to piano and vocals & REALLY lets Adams vocal shines at least in the rough mix I was played. You got to remember these tracks are SO new they arent even finished yet!

5] KICKIN IN : Damn it got this white boy movin! [dont worry I wont show you my moves] Written by Pharrell, its a club banger and for mine's a HIT! "She puts the shot glass down, she asks for another round, girl dont u hit the ground, is it kickin in". Funky shit.

6] CHOKEHOLD : Adam didnt play me the song but went out of his way to tell me about it at lunch. Hes really excited for people to hear it when its ready. Says its got a 90′s Depeche Mode feel to it ,I say bring it on!

Follow me on twitter [@byroncooke] for all the details on when you can hear & see todays interview with Adam Lambert. You'll hear more on the meaning behind these songs from the man himself and [surprise surprise] we managed to have some fun as well.mainly at my expense!

Er dere ikke spente kanskje? Jeg kan allerede forestille meg litt av disse sangene og dette blir syyyykt!!

Hva synes dere om hva han sa om sangene?


Én Glambert


12.01.2012 kl.22:04

takk for kommentaren å gud så fin blogg ;) han er jo bare knall fin :) hehe.. <3

Har KONKURRANSE nå også forresten så titt gjerne innom igjen ;) <3

jannedesiree c",)

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