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Dette er fra ca 1 time siden! Enjoy!

Tweet by @adamlambert: Twitter party!!

1. Q: @NoAngelPF: @adamlambert Hiiiii!!!!! Did you have a good Thanksgiving? Polish off all the leftovers yet? :)
A: @NoAngelPF had a great thanksgiving w my extended family on my moms side!! Great food and wine!
2. Q: @DearJonasBrosx3: @adamlambert If there is any celeb,dead or alive, you could have dinner with,who would it be?
A: @DearJonasBrosx3 Freddie. Def Freddie.
3. Q: @GlitterLiz: @adamlambert You are pleased at the new album?
A: @GlitterLiz pleased?! I'm thrilled!!
4. Q: @ShockUhDeliCA: @adamlambert Pumpkin Pie or Sweet Potato?
A: @ShockUhDeliCA apple pie.
5. Q: @danzr4ever: @adamlambert what's your new style direction for album 2?
A: @danzr4ever you'll have to just wait and see
6. Q: @Glammy_nka: @adamlambert What´s your fav song from Velvet Goldmine? Mine is "Baby´s on fire" Do u like this song?
A: @Glammy_nka that's a great scene!
7. Q: @scorptwitr: @adamlambert did you go Black Friday shopping? ;)
A: @scorptwitr nope too much of a shit show...
8. Q: @Barbara_DJaxn: @adamlambert RT If you love your Chile Fans ♥
A: RT @Barbara_DJaxn: @adamlambert RT If you love your Chile Fans ♥
9. Q: @elisa_w elisa: @adamlambert RT if you love your Nebraska Fans! :D
A: RT @elisa_w elisa :@adamlambert RT if you love your Nebraska Fans! :D
10. Q: @TRONCHE_DE_BN: @adamlambert #Rt if you love ur french fans
A: RT @TRONCHE_DE_BN: @adamlambert #Rt if you love ur french fans
11. Q: ?@xglitterandglam: @adamlambert Any books you're reading right now that you love??
A: @xglitterandglam no ! I need to get something new on my iPad
12. Q: @Audsidol: @adamlambert Are you still recording or are the tracks basically at the mixing stage?
A: @Audsidol still actually recording a bit this week!
13. Q: No Question
A: Saw Hugo in 3d... Great film. beautifully art directed, great cast.
14. Q: @ninagarcia: @adamlambert What about some Murakami?
A: @ninagarcia huh?
15. Q: @ninagarcia: @adamlambert What about some Murakami?
A: @ninagarcia reading material?
16.Q: @ninagarcia: @adamlambert You were asking for some books for your iPad? I think you might like Murakami :-)
A: @ninagarcia ok I will research! :) thanks darling! How was your thanksgiving ?
17. Q: @FWPACdancer5: @adamlambert Me and my best friend, we're your biggest fans!! #glamberts and/or @adamlambert Please follow me and@mollyo2015 ! It would make our lifes! #texaslovesyou
A: @FWPACdancer5 nice pic!! :)
18. Q: @PastaBaby: @adamlambert Adam, my sweet, you said you are changing your fashion perspective? Will there still be leather?
A: @PastaBaby but of course!!
19. Q: @GlaMb3rt16: @adamlambert What's your opinion on Demi Lovato? :)
A: @GlaMb3rt16 great singer! Pretty girl!
20. Q: @ElifVabay: @adamlambert Do you miss True Blood?
A: @ElifVabay yes I need a fix.
21. Q: @sutanamrull: @adamlambert TWITTER PARTY?!
A: @sutanamrull yes Mary
22. Q: @jambajim (MTV guy): @adamlambert Last album/single you bought! Annnnd go!
A: @jambajim Rihanna!
23. Q: @sutanamrull: @adamlambert i'm losing my mind about your new magic!!! #beyondexciting epic realness!
A: @sutanamrull why thank you!!
24. Q: @8starz8: @adamlambert do you buy your music off of iTunes or do you buy the actual physical CD? just curious :)
A: @8starz8 yeah I buy digital on itunes. Easiest.
25. Q: @sutanamrull: @adamlambert just tweeted me!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!! I LOVE HIM!!! no, seriously, I LOVE HIM!!! you are sickening!
A: @sutanamrull hahaha O M G
26. Q: @liveyoung82: @adamlambert Any new additions to the backing band or the troupe of dancers?
A: @liveyoung82 of course there will be changes... New album, new line up. Naturally. :)

Final Tweet by @adamlambert: Ok thanks guys!! Till next time...

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